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The Code: Rain Story

Our Beliefs

We encourage bold people who don't want to blend in with the crowd by creating colorful and functional designer jackets that keep you in good spirit, bring color and make a statement.

Mountain Cliff Hiker


To bring happiness in people's lives by creating timeless pieces of art.

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass


We are responsible to nature and people

Concrete Wall


Our seven principles we follow in everything we do

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key features, partnerships and manufacturing process

Our Company

CODE:Rain is a registered trade mark for waterproof rainwear that is property of Ad hoc atelier. The brand is established to offer quality, handmade products of unique design and best functionality as an expression of our attitude for the job we do. Our workshop is positioned in Sofia, Bulgaria where we develop the models and designs. The processes of weaving, printing and lamination of the fabric are proudly made in Bulgaria.

Launched in 2017, after months of testing and improving styles and technologys we launched on the market our first collection of authentic, high-protective and products with stories. We want our customers to feel comfortable, elegant and special by knowing that they wear a piece of art, a moment captured in photography. Creating a sustainable brand and exposing the talent of photographers around the world, we believe that with consistent steps we can make the world a better place to live.