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about us.

We are Svetoslava and Stefan and here we bring to life one of our dreams - to make the world more colorful and to help people being unique. 

CODE: RAIN is a result of a that dream that came up one day in the spring of 2016 and for a year ahead it was raising up to bring more color to our world. After months of testing and improving the styles and technology we launched it on the market for the world to become a more colorful place to live in.

CODE: RAIN are waterproof rain jackets and capes printed with beautiful designs of artistic photographs provided by friends from around the world. Each photo has its own story behind and caries its author’s name.

All manufacturing processes are proudly done in Bulgaria. We develop the models and designs in our workshop in Sofia, weaving, printing and lamination of the fabric is all made in Bulgaria and manufacturing of the jackets is done at a small sized workshop in the county.

We carefully chose our partners as we want to make sure that these beautiful rain jackets will be manufactured with the right attitude to bring you happiness during use. Our policy is to respect people's unique talents as this always pays back with their work.

Here we stand up with our names and faces to bring closer the jackets that you buy to their creators and to assure you of the authentic origin and ethical production of all our products.

Enjoy your stay on our site and follow us on the social networks to keep up with the latest news from CODE: RAIN.

Let’s colorize the world together!

Svetoslava and Stefan

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