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The Story that Colourize life - CodeRain.eu


Rain jackets to colourize life

The Story

We are Sunny and Stefan and together we have brought to life one of our dreams: helping to make the world more colorful and people more stylishly unique.

CODE: Rain - rainproof rain jackets feature captivating print designs, replicated from photographs sent to us by our artistic friends around the world. Each photo has a story behind it and bears the photographer’s signature, thus rendering every CODE: Rain rain jacket a unique creation.

The fabric

After one year of trying and testing different materials, we found the best technology for printing and laminating the fabric, thus allowing us to ensure the needed waterproofness and comfort for the wearer.

The lightweight 100% polyester fabric is printed and laminated with polyurethane membrane to ensure 5000mm waterproofing and good breathability features, which provides excellent protection and wearing comfort on the streets. We decided not to seam-seal our coats, because the heat would harm the print quality along the seams; instead, we use waterproof sewing threads that ensure no water seeps through the seams during regular city wearing.

To further increase the comfort of our raincoats we line them on the inside with soft and natural materials.

At work

We design and develop our models in our workshop in Sofia. Printing on the fabric is also done in Sofia and then laminated at a specialized factory. Our garments are then sewn in our workshop or with our chain of partner workshops.

We carefully select all of our partners, thus ensuring that our happy, beautiful creations are also imbued with the positive vibes that come with being made right! We have the deepest respect for our people's unique skills, and this in turn is reflected in the quality of their craftsmanship and the happiness you will feel when wearing one of our finely made rain jackets.

Our entire manufacturing process - from creation to the final stitch - is proudly done in Bulgaria.

Thank you for visiting our site. We also hope that you will follow us on our various social networks, as this allows us to keep you up to speed on all the latest news from CODE: Rain.

Let’s colorize the rainy day!